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We operate a network of funding sources, including major banks, with a focus on equipment funding needs.

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Leasing Services Group is a Canadian equipment leasing company based in Toronto, Ontario. We operate a network of funding sources, with the focus on equipment funding needs.

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We started this financial network in 1998, and have expanded to include a wide range of business lease financing. We have arranged leases for various types of companies including telecommunications, construction, farming, material handling and medical/dental offices.

At Leasing Services Group, customer and vendor needs come first. We specialize in the servicing of all sizes of businesses with a simple, straight forward leasing solution and all done at a very competitive rate.

Discover how lease financing can increase your cash flow and lower your operating costs.

Our Leasing Options

10% Purchase Option

This plan is considered a capital lease. The plan allows you to defer 10% of the cost till the end of the lease term.

Ten Dollar Purchase Option

A ten dollar purchase option is exactly as it sounds. You have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of term for ten dollars. This is also a capital lease.

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